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Become a blockchain tech and trading expert, Our Wealthy blockchain Academy with experts instructions from the financial market with great skills will equip you with blockchain knowledge, trading and forex skills with a daily call signal that will enable you earn seamlessly between $100-$1000 daily. With support given to you daily.

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Get weekly incentives in Bitcoin, We also support our members in creating generational wealth by giving them a weekly incentives from their subscription fees, Our experts trade and share incentives in BTC and other luxury gifts giving you more value on the Nitblock platform.

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NBK is being built as an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain. An eCommerce and payment token, NBK will be utilized for payments within and outside the Nitblock Financial Ecosystem.
NBK - Pedagogic Barter Algorithmic Solutions.

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Nitblock offers everyone the ability to make a fortune and cater for your financial needs with forex and cryptocurrency while you pass through tutorials on how to utilize the Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) for financial inclusion.
We incentivizes subscribers for learning and referring others to learn about the Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency trading.

Trade with us, Trade for yourself and get our NBK token which will be freely distributed to all our platform uses. The Perfect descentralised token for Ecommerce.
Life has become more interesting in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era.

Our Company have great experience in forex and Crypto trading, we Spent years in Mastering the techniques and Pros of trading.

We are inviting all who like us believe that Crypto Currency is the money of the future in the present and now.

In BitBlock, the more you learn by subscribing to any of our Education packages , the more you get incentivized and the more you stock the NBK token, the more knowledge and wealth you accrue for yourself.

To assess the NitBlock learning platform, subscribe for a learning package with Bitcoin(BTC) and get incentivized with 5% weekly, of your subscription fee.

The Nitblock(NBK) token is the native currency of the NitBlock Platform. With a 50,000,000 total supply, all Nitblock subscribers are automatically incentivized with a minimum of 1000 NBK tokens per subscription and 300 NBK tokens per referral. NBK is billed to be listed on two public exchanges in December 2019. Thereafter, subscriptions and incentives will be accepted and paid out in NBK token.

Our contracted educators have great expertise in forex, hedge funds, and crypto trading. They have spent years in mastering the techniques and pros of trading as well as educating very many industry professionals out there.

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